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Over voltage protection input of AD8610?

I fully understand Input overvoltage protection for the amplifier (page 16).


Let us AD8610 , PS +- 16V, on + input serial protective resitor 100k.

What maximum non destrucitve voltage on +input AD8610?

  • Hi, wivern.

    AD8610 is only specified to operate in a maximum supply voltage of ±13V. Above that, the part will be damaged. If you need ADI part with more than ±13V supply, then you may use ADA4627-1/ADA4637-1 which can go as high as ±18V.

    As to the input overvoltage protection of AD8610, I'll get back to you on that.



  • I'm sorry, 16V is a typo, the power supply is +-13V.

    The essence of the query is Input Over voltage protection, on Page 16 DS.

    You say 10k Ohm resistor add 5V , but Georg Simon Ohm law say 5mA over 10k resistor need 50V.

    It 5V misprint or OVP calculate somehow mysteriously?

    When we discuss the already AD8610.

    Input Offset Voltage Adjustment,this topic is also rather DS only indicated.

    There are some more details on null input?

    Considered in the design of dynamic compensation Input Offset Voltage ( by DAC) and because the input resistance, I would like to avoid the connection to -IN, +IN input

  • Hi, wivern.

    The input overvoltage protection is computed this way.

    The result of 880ohms is the minimum resistance that you can use for an input voltage of 18V and usually we set 1kohms for this to limit the current more. In the datasheet, it states 10kohms and it is a more conservative way of making sure that the current will not exceed 5mA. Take note that adding this large resistance would also add noise and offset voltage which may be undesirable.  With this, it is advisable to use resistance value as low as possible but also consider the Vin.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hi, wivern.

    I've seen that you had an additional question in your latest post. Are you asking if you could use a DAC to null the input offset voltage of the AD8610?



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