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AD9665 output current is limited


     Refer to the datasheet AD9665,the pin W*SET connect with the resistance of 4.3kΩ ,and the input current are during 0mA to 2mA.Input the correct current to the W*SET pin,but the output current are not expected.When the W*DIS pin(TTL mode) are continious low,the output current are totally 100mA maximal.When the W*DIS pin(TTL mode) are pulsed enabled,the output current are totally 30mA maximal.The load in the test is 50Ω .When the input current is increasing gradually from 0mA to 2mA , the output current is increasing to 100mA and no longer increases.It seems that the current is limited .I attatch the schematic circuit diagram.

     Thanks very much!


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