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Amp01 single 9V battery supply ... problems

I am using an Amp01 as a simple 200X (V/V) Op-Amp in a portable situation with a single 9V battery.

The amp circuit is as described in the data sheets, with the 1K & 10K resistors, however a single 9V battery is being used with the battery ground created with two 100K resistors each connected to a battery terminal & the common ends of these resistors connected to the Amp01 ground & pin 8(Reference). The amp works fine, but the battery life is far less than the expected two months: A fresh 9V battery(9.31V unloaded) will drop down to 8.54V within 24 hrs, and down to 6.45V within 10 days. This current draw seems too high{ for the stated ~3mA of the Amp01} and clearly it appears that excess current may be flowing through the Amp01 via substrate paths(diode & transistor). Is there a better way to power this amp via a single 9V cell ?