Questions for SSM2211

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a question fo your SSM2211 audio amp.

We will use your SSM2211 as RF amplifier for more power output instead of current AD8018.

As for Page-12 Figure-35
Thin Line=GAIN

As for same fig-35,
Does "GAIN" means currnet GAIN or voltage GAIN?

Can I use this AD8018 as buffer AMP(Gain=1,voltage follower)?

We need the big current drive amplifier more than 400mA except for AD8018.
We picked up SSM2211 due to have big output current and drive single ended +5V power supply.
If our this choice have a problem you think, so please advice it to us what is the problem?

Our rough signal chain;
3MHz FSK modulated signal -> DAC AD9762 -> this AMP -> Active LPF -> tranformer -> Antenna

Thanks Kaos

  • Hi, Kaos.

    DAC AD9762 has output current of up to 20mA only so why do you need a high output current amplifier of more than 400mA? Also, SSM2211 and AD8018 have almost the same output current of 350mA so better use AD8016 which has 600mA if you really need a high output current amplifier.

    To help you better choose the amplifier, what other specs (input bias current, offset, rail-to-rail, etc) do you require aside from the output current?

    You may also refer to pages 15 and 16 of the datasheet of AD9762 for some applications on configuring its output. 



  • Thank you Anna,

    I got it. And I can proceed my job forward.

    Thanks again, Kaos.

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