AD8554 - Gain Bandwidth Product doesn't depend on Gain

Hey folks,

I designed the following amplification circuit:

The amplification of this circuit is set by R6. The higher R6 the higher the amplification. BUT the higher the amplification the HIGHER the cutoff frequency of the lowpass caused by the Gain Bandwidth Product. According to f_c = GBP/A it should be just the other way around.

I got to the correct result by using the feedback calculated by FB = R2||(R6+R9) / (R1 + R2||(R6+R9)) and thus using the amplification of A_FB = A0 / (1 + FB*A0) for the calculation of the cutoff frequency instead of the actual gain of the circuit.

I used the "NI Multisim Component Evaluator" to determine the cutoff frequency. Does anybody have in explanation for this behaviour?

Thanks a lot, Andre

PS, for those of you wondering why not use a different design, this circuit is supposed to be a voltage controlled amplifier. In the end (R6 + R9) is being replaced by a n-channel JFET used as a variable resistor. To reduce the possible sources of errors I substituted the JFET with ideal resistors wich behave equally.

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