How to use a Balun at the Output of the Op Amp AD834


  I'm working on an project in an university lab, in which I'm trying to use op amp AD834 to multiply a alternated square wave (-0.25 V and 0.25 volts are its peak values) by a sinusoidal current (-2.5 Amperes and 2.5 Amperes are its peak values).     Looking at the AD384 datasheet, I saw that the circuit 'Using a Balun' is an option to do the multiplying of these two signals, once they are AC signals.
Can anybody please answer me the following questions, when 'Using the Balun at the Output' circuit, for my application, I mean, What are:

- the proper values (in this circuit) of the termination resistors connected to X1-X2 and Y1-Y2 inputs ?

- the proper values of each collector load resistors (Rw)?

- the complete specification of the Balun (and where to get it for sale)?

- the proper values of the two blocking capacitors, denoted as C in the circuit, and,

- the proper value of the load resistance, RL connected to the balun output ?

  Sorry if it's many questions. My 1st time in this forum. I've been trying for a week to get the result, but I haven't been sucessful. Appreciate it a lot who can be of a great help.

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