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Op-amp suggestion, current buffer


I am using HMC980 ABC(active bias controller) to bias some RF amplifiers.

The Vgate output current sink/source capability of HMC980 is +-4 mA, and voltage swing is from -3.5 V to 0 V.

Vgate output acts as a variable current source to provide necessary Vgate voltage that amplifier needs. So the current can changes within time, temperature, etc.

Those limits are not sufficient for some amplifiers. So my aim is to generate a buffer circuitry that can provide up to +-20 mA.

Could you suggest me an op-amp that meets my requirements? A circuit from lab reference or an app note would be a bonus

I want the suggested op-amp to introduce minimum noise, should have good PSRR or similar parameter. Single supply operation is also preferred.

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