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Will there be a dual version ADA4627-1.

If so, that will be ADA4627-2.

I have been waiting (4 weeks) to have this question answered, please!

I need it for my headphone amplifier product, understand?

BTW, I am most willing to do free field testing if you will provide the ADA4627-2s

Thank you. See my web site at:

  • Bryan,

    Sorry, there will never be a dual.  We looked at this, and the power dissipation is a show stopper.


  • Bryan,

    I have to challenge your four week comment.  I searched EngZone and didn't find any other threads.

    I looking in Central Apps, and found your last name with a different first name was added 2/6, but I didn't find any emails??  Do you have a tracking number?


  • Harry,

    Well I have some arguments:

    1) A month ago, I called in directly to an AD engineering department office and spoke with an aid who took many notes, promising to pass them on to the appropriate engineer at AD. Waiting weeks, there was no answer whatsoever. Today's posting got a near immediate response, thank you, although I really wish for a different response.

    2) The only real competitor to the ADA4627-1 (to my ears) has been the old tried and trusted AD8610/AD8620, which has not too dissimilar specifications, you know. I am wondering WHY you say power dissipation is really a show stopper problem, in comparison the the AD8620

    3) Wouldn't the use of a power pad help with this consideration? Surely if there's a will, there's a way here?

    4) When you say "we looked at this", who was "we", please.

  • Bryan,

    I wish you would have gotten a name so I could track this down further.  Was it a local field office

    or an office in Norwood?   Which department?  That is certainly unacceptable behavior.

    I was the product line apps engineer for the ADA4627-1.  I'm in Central Apps now.  The design

    engineer (35 years experience) and the packaging engineer (25 years experience) looked at this.

    Maybe a 0-70C part would be possible, but we don't do those anymore.  The 4627 is on a very

    advanced D.I. process, so the die is very tiny and you don't get much heat out.

    As a side note, we did the AD8672 dual, then the AD8671 single, then the AD8674 quad.

    So when the Mil/Aero guys were going to do a space level version of the 8674, they noticed

    we had a junction temp problem.  So we had to issue a PCN and change the data sheet to

    change the 8674 to a more restricted temperature.  We added some calculations to the apps section

    to explain.


  • Harry,

    Thank you so much for your attention on this issue.

    I would really like an ADA4627-2. Limiting to 0-70C is completely OK.

    Why? My application would use such a chip as a two channel input buffer

    to a high-speed power opamp - so the ADA4627-2's power requirement would be minuscule.

    I've tried every chip I can get my hands on and the ADA4627-1 beats them

    (clearly best sound quality) in my hi-fi headphone amp.

    So now, perhaps a little bit out of your required duties,

    I would like to ask: If the project went forward,

    how long would it take to implement - and could I be considered for field testing?

    I would prefer an SOIC package at this time.

    Thank you again.

    Oh yes, where do I go (who to contact) regarding submitting a new power handling chip idea/design?

  • The large semi companies are focused on growth, say several hundred million/year, and you don't get that will single

    and dual op amps.  In the 1970's, a $100k order was a big deal.  Think about how many cell phones

    Apple or LG sell in a year.  If we can put a huge engineering team on doing a full custom, it can be

    huge.   Note that is quite a few projects that get dropped because all the engineers are on one project.

    A dual 4627 is not in the five year roadmap.

    Why can't you just use two 4627 LFCSP parts side by side?  Roughly the same space, available today.


  • Harry,

    First, thank you for chatting with me about this main issue (an ADA4627-2 possibility).

    I understand the economies of scale.

    Of course, in lieu of a 4627-2, (which I do have a PCB layout waiting for), of course,

    I have the 4627-1 x2 PCB layout for current production.

    I want to ask you if you have access to sales data for the different opamps?

    Where I'm going with that is to inquire 8610 vs 8620. What are the sales/production stats on that?

    Yes, if the 8620 is a good money maker compared with the 8610, then it follows

    that the brainy guys in your environment should be able to attach the die to a thermal pad,

    put two dies in one SOIC package,  etc., without too much trouble or some such arrangement.

    Lastly this time, I really do have a linear power management product I would like to see built -

    and yes, it should afford a very good reception and huge buying public. Who do I talk with about this?

    A.B.R. (Sunnyvale, CA)

  • Thanks again, Harry.

    I did not want the 8610/8620 sales data myself, just thought it might

    lend some credibility to moving on a 4627-2 (such a pest I am).

    Looking forward to hearing from a support mgr too.

    Over and out.

  • ABR,

    No semi company will release sales data on individual parts, but if you go to the T.I., Linear Tech, ADI, Maxim,

    etc. web sites, and search for op amps with the parametric search table, ask for duals only.  See how many there are.

    Then ask for singles only.  Then ask for quads only.

    I have asked one of the technical support managers to contact you.


  • Harry,

    It has been some time already, and I have been patiently waiting for someone to contact me regarding my new power management product idea. No one has contacted me. Maybe you could simply give me an email address where it might be considered not inappropriate to submit a new device concept.idea. Does this place exist within the Analog Devices mega-structure?