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I simulated the ada4638-1 in multisim and just a simple unit gain buffer connection. But the simulation result shows the offset voltage is as high as 126 uV when supply voltage is +-10V, which is quite different to the data sheet.

Can anyone help me to solve it?  thanks a lot!

The schematic and simulation result is as following:

on May 5, 2016 5:51 AM

Try simulating with +/-15V.  The Vos is set at certain supply voltages and then you

have the PSRR spec which will change the Vos when you change Vsy.


  • No.  The model was written for +-15V, and no provisions were made for other supply voltages.

    So do all your sims with +/-15V on the op amp, and +/-10V on the rest of your system.

    I'll email the product line apps engineer.


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