OP177 SPICE model

I have downloaded the SPICE model file for the OP177 but found that it actually contains the model for the OP1177.

Where can I get the proper SPICE model file for the OP177 ?

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  • Hi harryh,

    thank you for the reaction on my posting.

    The background of my question is: I was trying to figure out differences between the OP77(E) and the OP177, but could not make out anything significant in the datasheets, so I wanted to compare the SPICE models by inspection of the files  and simulation of a high voltage (350V) current monitor circuit (in a vacuum tube curve tracer, DIY project).

    Inspection of the OP1177 model contained in the present OP177.cir showed at first glance very different pole and zero frequencies. So my first thought was "that's something totally different". In the meantime I have found an OP177A model in the internet of 12/90 Rev.B which has 4 of 5 pole/zero frequencies equal to those of the OP77E model. Only the common mode gain zero ist at 200 Hz as opposed to 63Hz for the OP77E. I have not yet compared other detail although my main interest is to acchieve better than 74 dB common mode suppression at an internal gain of 34 dB, overall gain of 0 dB (because of an initial attenuation of 34 dB to get the 350V downto 7 V) with a bandwidth >100kHz. So the primary question was : can I get more precision with an OP177 than with the OP77 (of which I have still a few amples). I plan to keep almost the zero gain bandwith of the OP77 or 177 by incorporating a less precise but faster JFET OP as an amplifying buffer in the overall differential amplifier setup.

    Regards Kai

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