OP177 SPICE model

I have downloaded the SPICE model file for the OP177 but found that it actually contains the model for the OP1177.

Where can I get the proper SPICE model file for the OP177 ?

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  • Kai,

    We have done OP-07, OP177, OP777, OP1177, AD8677, ADA4077-1, ADA4177-1, so six generations.

    All of them are very close.  The 1177 has higher SR and GBW, so it depends on what you are doing as

    to whether or not it would make a difference.   I would not do a design with the 177 or the 1177, but rather

    the ADA4077-1 or ADA4177-1.  If it is an existing design, just use the OP1177 model.


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