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Any Single supply highspeed opamp 5V or comparator to replace AD847AR?


I was using AD847 as comparator with single supply, which doesn't work well with 0V-5V (minimum specified supply range for AD847 is -4.5V to +4.5V). Obviously it was a mistake to operate it in that range. AD847 works as comparator for me but not stable.

Is there any comparator/opamp which can be operated with single supply (0-5V)?

CIRCUIT: OPAMP as comparator.


+IN: TV Video like waveform with 0-4V amplitude.

-IN: reference DC voltage which has to be set appropriately between 0-4V


0-5V square wave.

Kindly suggest any IC with same footprint as AD847AR(8 pin SOIC) for my application?

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