using AD8604  below -40°C

Hi, im using this OPAMP now for a long time and feel very well with the quality.
Now in have to use my special ciruit on temperatures up to -55°C/+55°C

I know, this OPAMP works well (ive tested up to -60°C),

but my request is for usage up to -55°C on the datasheet.

So i need a new OPAMP with this temperature-range, or message from AD "its save to use this in your condition"



p.S.: i need this very nice low offset & offsetdrift over temperature 2µV/°K

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 17, 2017 12:49 AM

    Hello Anselm, 

    I will check with our experts whether data is available for the AD8604 at -55degC. Most likely it is not though, and we cannot guarantee operation at that temperature. We do have a couple of quad amplifiers that have been qualified down to -55degC. The AD8643-EP has a higher offset drift, 2.5uV/degC typical, but it might be worth looking into. If you need very low offset and offset drift, you could also use one our zero-drift amplifiers. The AD8574-EP has also been qualified to -55degC, and has a maximum drift of 0.04uV/degC. 

    However, the choice of amplifier will still depend on your application. What other parameters do you need for your amplifier? Does it need wide bandwidth? What supplies are you using? If you can give more information about your application and how you are going to use the amplifier, that will help to better choose which one to go with.