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Alternative power supply ad8027 in LTspice

Hi all,

 I would like to simulate a circuit with AD8027 in LTSpice, but me need to use V+ = 15V, V- = 5V power supply instead of 

V+ = 5V, V- = - 5V power supply.  In this case model opamp does not work properly.


   I have two questions:

      1) how to use this spice model AD8027 with V+ = 15V, V- = 5V power supply?

or   2) any other opamp model I can use to get similar electrical characteristics with V+ = 15V, V- = 5V power supply?


Thank you!

That's good news that it doesn't work.   The abs max voltage from the data sheet is 12.6V across the

part, so in real life, you would blow the part up.

Try the AD8065 instead.


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    Sorry,  missed that.  Thought had +15 and minus 5V, which would be  20.

    Can you attach schematic?

    You can run the silicon on +15 and +5V, BUT the inputs still have to be between the rails.


  • In this case Voltage VF3 must be equal voltage VF4.  VF2 must be 12,2 V, but this value does not fall below what 13,42 V

  • Try the attached model.



  • I tried to use this model, and I see that is not working properly

    Normal power amplifier connection

    V+ = 15V, V- = 5V power supply

  • Your circuit runs correctly with the previously attached model using Cadence (the original model did not).  I'm afraid we're not able to test on LTSpice to verify its operation.

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