can OP07 be used with single supply ??

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Can  I use op-amp IC OP07 using single supply voltage of +5 Volt?. While doing so which characteristics I am going to loose?

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  • Yes, but not with 5V;  you need at least 6V across the part.

    But why choose  an OP07 that is over 30 years old?  We have done many generations in the OP07 family,

    OP07 -> OP77 -> OP177 -> OP777 -> OP1177 -> AD8671/8675 -> ADA4077-1.

    The ADA4077-1 does run on 5V, but if you want low offset, look at the chopper type amps, such

    as AD8638 or ADA4522-1.