IBIS model of AD8003


My customer use AD8003 in their ATE syystem and  requests IBIS model of AD8003ACPZ-REEL7.

Would you provide IBIS model of AD8003 ?

They request IBIS model of AD8003 again even though they already confirm SPICE model in ADI web. site,

Please provide IBIS model of AD8003 ASAP.



  • Which pins of the AD8003 are they interested in?  IBIS models are typically used for digital buffers or drivers.  Why do they want an IBIS model for this amplifier?

  • Dear Harry & Clerance,

    Thank you for your kind answers about this request.

    I already got ADI answer (the same as your answers) from CIC.ASIA  and forwarded to my customer.

    About your question related the reason, they alredy simuated with SPICE model in your Web. site, and couldn't get enough performances.

    So they requested IBIS model for analysis this because they have ever experienced analysis using IBIS model at other devices.

    About your question related using RF amp, they can't use RF amp because their application doesn't need only high frequency performance but also DC performance.

    I hope this help and sorry for late reply.