OP275 : Single-supply operation


My customer would like to know if the OP275 amplifier can be used in single-supply operation.

And in this case, does OP275 meet the specifications of datasheet ?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 2, 2017 7:59 AM

    OP275, like all op amps, should work with both single-supply and split-supply configuration. The op-amp only cares about the maximum difference between its top and bottom rails, and the relative position of the input/output "common mode" to those rails. Its performance should not be different whether it's 0 to 30 V or +/- 15 V.

    However, if the customer needs to sense an analog "0", they will need to create their own mid-rail reference voltage to bias the input signal up, since OP275 is not a rail-to-rail input nor output part. From the datasheet, the input voltage range is +/- 10.5 V for a +/-15 V supply, which means inputs must be at least 4.5 V away from either top or bottom rail. For 0 to 30 V supply, this is equivalent to saying that all inputs must be between 4.5 V to 25.5 V, and any inputs outside of that range (including 0 V) will be misinterpreted.