AD8619,AD8694 Noise immunity at portable radio frequency band


The customer requested as follows for AD8619 and AD8694..
Do you have these data?
Please see to “Background” for detail information.

Q1: Why AD8619 and AD8694 has tolerance for noise at high frequency band(144MHz~3.6GHz)?
Q2: The noise immunity test data at portable radio frequency band (up to 2GHz) for AD8619 and AD8694
Q3: If you have no data for Q2, They requested PSRR and CMRR characteristic data up to 2GHz.( reffer to attachment).

The customer planned to use other bender’s amp.
They tried noise immunity test for portable radio frequency band (144MHz~3.6GHz) with their circuit.
But this amp failed at 600MHz~2GHz.
This test standard is ISO11452-9.
They changed from this amp to AD8619 or AD8694 we proposed to replace before and tried same noise test.
AD8619 and AD8694 passed this test for the result.
(AD8619 need many bypass capacitors 10p ,100p, 1000p, 0.1uF at V+ pin to pass this test )
They want to use AD8619 and AD8694.
But they need to understand theoretically why these passed.

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