Question concerning SPICE-Model of ADA4638-1 Operational Amplifier

Dear Community,

recently I tried to simulate a simple non-inverting amplifier circuit with the ANALOG SPICE-Model of the ADA4638-1. According to the data sheet, this op amp should work with either a single supply that ranges from 4.5...30V or with a dual supply that goes from +-2.25...+-15V.

When simulating this circuit with a single supply voltage, I discovered that for every supply voltage above 0...15.9V the circuit doesn't seem to work anymore. For example, with a supply from 0...15.9V it works as predicted, but with a supply voltage of 0...16V the simulation results don't make sense anymore and the "gain" goes down to around -120 dB.

In this respect I'd like to ask whether the model is only valid for a limited range of supply voltage and if there is some kind of hard supply threshold or if I made a mistake in my simulation which I would not rule out

Many thanks in advance and Kind regards