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maximum output current of "OP200A "

please, maximum output current of "OP200A"

 It used "Derating Analysis Document" of satellite system part

  • Hi,

    Let us check for this data. We'll get back to you once it's available.


  • Hi, 

    We typically recommend to design to an output current of +/-10mA for your application. The circuits in the Applications section of the datasheet are designed around this number. 

    May I ask how the OP200 will be used in your specific application?



  • HI


    Thank you for your reply.


    The output current used in real application(satellite system) is very small


    However, to write a derating document(part analysis document), Need the output current value of the part.


    Is it possible to define the value of +/-10mA as the maximum current value of op200?


    Thank you


    Daejin, Kang



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  • Hello, 

    I tried to check back to see if we could find any data for the maximum output current of this device. Unfortunately, because this part is quite old, that data does not exist. 

    The +/-10mA spec is only a typical spec (25C) and would not have been fully characterized.

    Apologies if I cannot be of more help. 



  • HI


    Thank you for your reply.


    Can you send me the data of OP400A(maximum output current)?


    I am asking, because I think the characteristics of OP200A and OP400A are the same.


    If, you have not data of OP400A, Do you have any available reference material to help me ?


    Thank you very much for your kind answers.


    Daejin, Kang

  • It's funny, I have the same question. I ran a simulation and it cuts out about at 20mA.

    I can't tell though if it's inherent in the model or not.

  • Figure 25 of the datasheet has short the circuit current graph at 25C.

    That should close the discussion.