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LVTTL to NIM Translator with AD8009

I´m designing a LVCMOS to NIM signal translator, requirements of the circuit are

Input frequency from 10KHz to 40Mhz

Input 3.3V LVCMOS

Output  logic "0" 0mA  or 0V; logic  "1" 18mA or 1V

I decide to use AD8009 because it declares a 5500V/us slew rate but during simulations I found a delay of approx 1ns and some signal distortion, I´d like to have a delay between input and output as little as possible ( 100ps or less)

How can I improve the response?

In simulation green is input, red is output current and blue voltage current

Thanks for your help

  • Hello,

    I do agree with KirV that what you seen is an overshoot.

    I have tried your circuit only that I have reduced the resistor values by factor of 4.

    I only retain the two 100 ohms and the 50 ohms near the output.

    I were able to reduce the propagation delay from ~600pS to ~190pS.

    Also, I have tried to simplify your circuit.

    The 1st stage is inverter/attenuator and the 2nd stage is inverter/buffer.

    I used divider instead and feed into the buffer.

    I were able to obtain ~135pS prop delay.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dear Fdelaram

    Thank you so much for your help, the improvement in delay is huge and that´s wath worried me the most!

    Best regards


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