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LT6202 Output buffer/attenuator for AD9783 DAC

I've been given the task of modifying an existing piece of equipment to use an AD9783 as a high-speed DAC for a precision application where the full-scale voltage tuning range is less than a mV, at an offset of about 2V.

Could you recommend a good way to do this?  

Could I use a low-noise, high-speed amplifier in a difference configuration (e.g. an LT6202) to buffer/convert the DAC output to a single sided signal, attenuate the signal with a potential divider or HMC*** fixed attenuator, and then add the offset with an additional summing amplifier (LT6202 again)?

The unequal impedances of the two inputs in a difference amplifier makes me think that this isn't the best solution, however an instrumentation amplifier-type output buffer seems like a lot of extra components.


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