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Can AD811 operate using single supply ? I have a positive signal input and output. 

  • Hello Jose,

    Nearly all opamps can be used with single supply voltage, but you may need AC-coupling at the input and the output when you want use it as a video signal driver. Unfortunaltely this AC-coupling may be a bad idea for video signals.
    Overall it really depends on your application whether single supply operation is useful or not.

    Restrictions for single supply operation derived from the datasheet's dual supply operation

    Single Supply voltage: 10V/0V to 30V/0V (AD811JR 24V/0V)

    DC input voltage range: 2V to Vsupply-2V

    DC output voltage range:
    2.1V to Vsupply-2.1V for Vsupply 10V/0V with AC-coupled Rload=150Ohm
    3V to Vsupply-3V for Vsupply 30V/0V with AC-coupled Rload=150Ohm