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AD8619 Vol Measurement

Hi folks,

I have a dilemma here and I need help. In my knowledge, Vol is the measurement of DUT output wrt the negative supply. The passing limit of my Vol is 0-60mV. The typical is about ~40mV. But during my simulation in NI multisim, the value I get rails to 1.871V. Hoping that somebody could help me on this. 

Here is the configuration: 

Parameter: Vol_/-0.9V_IL = 1mA
Vs = +/-0.9V
Il = 1mA
Vcntrl = > Vs = 0.9V w/c I set to 1.8V

The config is called servo loop. My goal is to replicate the tester results w/ bench but even in simulation I can't get the right output of the Vol parameter.


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