AD8675 Input Voltage Range, Noise & LTSPICE model


I'm tempted to use AD8675/AD8676 but I have a couple of open questions:

In the parametric search, the input voltage headroom for AD8675/AD8676 is given as 1.5V (typ) and 2.5V (max).

Under what conditions do I have to consider the max specification? Is it production dependent, temperature or something else?

If I simulate the headroom in LTSPICE I get 3.5V headroom which is even higher, also offset is higher than in the datasheet.

Is this model correct? There seems to have been an issue with it in the past:


Voltage Noise density in the datasheet is only plotted up to 30kHz. Can I assume that it stays at 2.9nv/sqrt(Hz) up to 10MHz?

I have tried ADISimPE to simulate the Noise of AD8676 but it seems that the SPICE model also does not match the datasheet.

Any input would be appreciated

Best regards


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