LT119 made obsolete

Following ADI acquisition of Linear Tech, it now appears that the LT119 dual comparator has been made obsolete. Of course, the competitor's TI LM119 represents an almost identical replacement. However, it lacks those input protection zeners much appreciated by many designers I know, especially for those applications requiring MIL or HiRel quality levels. Sure, one may add an external protection network, but the external zener capacitance does affect performances (adding series 1N4148 to reduce overall capacitance helps, but then complexity and parts count increases even further ...).

The only device currently available, and which features said input protection zeners, appears to be Renesas/Intersil ISL7119. But that is a very expensive radiation hard part. Does anybody know of any LT119 equivalent part, and thus featuring input protection zeners, which could be procured at MIL quality Level ?  a cross-reference search on ADI web page did not produce any result (it hangs, searching forever ...)



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