LTC6090: Using TFLAG to drive status LED


I want to use the LTC6090-5, powered from +/-70V.
I will connect OD and TFLAG as suggested to shut down the device when an over-temperature condition occurs.

In addition, I want a red LED to light on during over-temperature shutdown.
Any suggestions how to do this?

Regards, Niels

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  • Hi Glen,

    thanks for answering. Unfortunately I got NO notification email.

    So the frankly answer is that there is no way to simply light an LED with the LTC6090's TFLAG pin.
    The intention for this pin is to use it with a microcontroller or some other kind of digital logic and its (lower level) power suplies.

    This is ok. Would be nice if this is stated more clearly in the data sheet.

    Thanks again, Niels

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