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LT1028 Phase Margin

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LT1028
Software Version: LTSpice XVII

I'm simulating the open loop gain/phase for an LT1028 and my result differs from the datasheet at Av=1.  I get a phase margin of almost 45 degrees and as it is not unity gain stable  it should be closer to 0 degrees per the figure on page 8 of the datasheet.  I have used 2 different methods of obtaining the OL gain and the results are the same.

Can you shed any light on why I have a larger phase margin in the simulation than I should expect given datasheet specs?

  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    It may be a case of modelling trade-off.
    The phase plot is not the usual shape for op-amps, and it seems that the modeler gave priority to getting the shape of the phase closer to the datasheet.

    We will forward your feedback to the developers.

    Thank you,