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Ada4807 analysis

I created a lt spice model of my circuit which consists of an op amp in a unity gain voltage follower configuration which feeds a SAR ADC. I also included the flywheel circuit in front of the adc. There are two models, each one having a different op amp.

The one labeled "bad" uses a TI 4111 which isn't really designed to handle the capacitive load my circuit has. I originally designed with this op amp before I knew the capacitance values. Thus I made a second circuit that uses an op amp with unlimited capacitance drive.

Using the analog suggestion on how to measure phase margin I plotted the following.

Not sure how to interpret these, it seems that the tlv4111 has more phase margin than the analog ada4807 which seems backwards to me given the load circuit. Any suggestions?

TLV4111 model: 

TLV4111 ac analysis: 

ADA4807 AC analysis: