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Using the LT6015 to monitor a stack of four 3.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 cells?

Yes, I know that there are dedicated battery stack monitors available, but in this case is the stack small and voltages reasonable. Four 3.2V cells give 12.8V. What I would like to do is to monitor each cell and disconnect the pack in case the voltage of one individual cell is outside the allowable range, being 2.5 ..4V.

The cells will be sitting in a boat. Used over summer and removed and top-balanced every winter. They will be charged from a solar cell, using a MPPT charger.

I did a quick simulation in LTSpice and also read the LT6015 datasheer. I have attached that file and I apologise for the messy schematic showing the opamps for two cells. LTSPice absolutely refused to play ball when I turned the opamp around 

I realise that the resistors need to be matched for the circuit to work properly. The idea is to have the measued voltages VC1, VC2 etc readable from a MCU as well as fed into comparators for the disconnect logic.

Comments? Would this be a workable solution, given the design criteria outlined?