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I want to use this AD8237 INA with the US9111 whetstone bridge pressure sensor

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8237

Pressure sensor US9111;

Offset voltage: 30mV

Output voltage range: 40mV to 100mV(15PSI range)

Excitation Voltage: 5V

How can I make 0 voltage into the hardware at initial condition(when no pressure is applied)

My question is that; 

For the Offset removal with RA resitor, do I need to use DAC. Or if I give 2.5V at that place through voltage divider will it make the 0 Volt output at the initial condition. And, I am connecting this sensor with the ESP32, so the ADC range is 0 to 3.3V. Please help me on the right circuit connection. 

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    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your inquiries with the team.

    I would like to ask several items below to understand the design requirements and applications better.

    • If I understand it…