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Dual supply and Ref voltage

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8421


I am planning to configure the circuit as shown in the diagram. The input voltage ranges from 0V to 2V, and the output voltage ranges from -1V to +1V. R1 in the diagram is intended to be a variable resistor (0~20K). Are there any issues with the configuration of AD8421 and OP1177 in this setup?

Thank you.

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    Jan 25, 2024 +2 verified


    Thank you for contacting us and sharing your questions with the team.

    To give the correct recommendation, I would like to confirm these data as I understand them in your schematic diagram.

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      Jan 26, 2024 in reply to jingum2 +1 verified


      In your 1st question; there will be no issue as long as your Vref value is within the recommended range (min = -Vs to max = +Vs) and if you intended to use the -1V.

      I don't know what kind of…