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About the gain switching circuit of instrumentation AMP such as AD8553

Category: Hardware

I am considering a circuit using AD8553.

QQ21: I want to switch the gain (900x, 200x, and 50x)
I would like to switch the resistor using an analog SW, but is there a better configuration?

Q2:I would like to build a filter with a cutoff frequency of 1KHz.
Datasheet Figure 2. What is the Gain vs. Frequency filter?
Is it the filter created with R2C2 in Figure 31?

I look forward to your reply

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    Oct 23, 2023 in reply to UBOTI +2 verified


    You are right; use this equation to identify the values for C2: (C2 = 1/(1400 × 2 × π × R2). Please note that before finding values for C2, identify first your intended Gain. Then, finding R1…

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    Thank you for reaching out. To further understand the problem and be able to make the proper recommendations, we would like to know more about your applications and design parameters.

    Here are…