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AD8495 cold junction for DAQ with digital filters

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8495

I'm about to use the AD8495 to be able to read type K thermocouples on Dewesoft DAQ system that read voltage.
the DAQS provides 5V or 12V from it's 0V (not really ground as it's battery powered in my case and nothing run up to any ground other than thru thick plastic/rubber materials (not even on the measurement specimen).

1) I would have divided the 5V in 4+1V. Having the 1V potential at Vref, the 5V potential at V+ and the 0V potential at V-. to be able to measure negative température (output at 0°C would be at 1V potential)

2) the In- would be 1Meg to 0V potential to have the open detection and be able to use any thermocouple termination.

3) where I'm not sure is whether I need the capacitors as I can use a digital low pass filter of 1 Hz and remove everything else. (I don't need a higher DAQ frequency for temperature).

4) Reading would be between Output (DAQS S+) and Vref (DAQS S-) whish would give 0V(+noise) at 0°C.

4) On fabrication side, I intend to solder (regular tin?) a usual femal type k socket to type K wires. solder these wires to the chip pin and to the 1Meg. and all the remaining wires would be copper.

Am I good?

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