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AD8221 output voltage not as expected

Product Number: AD8221


i have a AD8221 instrumentation amplifier with the following setup

+V is 3.3V

-V is -2V

Gain 100 ( 500 ohm resistor)

The circuit is a simple "3 resistor" voltage divider

Upper resistor - 10K resistor between 3.3V and +input

Lower resistor 10K between - input

Between the inputs there is a 12ohm resistor, forming a diferential voltage of about 1.97 mV.

I would expect to read about 197mV at the output,  but instead i read 493mV between output and gnd.

If i replace the middle resistor with a 0 ohm resistor, i read 258mV.

Is this normal?

What i am doing wrong here?