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AD8232-EVALZ ease of modification?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8232-EVALZ
Software Version: N/A

I'm planning a university-level course in embedded medical systems, and am considering using the AD8232 for student use as a front-end preamp. The issue: we don't have any soldering facilities other than a simple soldering iron, and it's not clear that will work well with the AD8232 LFCSP package. There's a SparkFun breadboard that sets up the AD8232 with some canned filter choices, but those choices don't work well for this course.

I though another option might be using the eval board (AD8232-EVALZ), with the hopes that I could then easily change the filter setup to have students see the effects of different filters. So the question: how easy is it to swap the resistors & caps on the eval board with just a soldering iron? Easy, or not really feasible? The board is set up for 7-25Hz operation, whereas I would like to have a much broader range preamp and have the students run DSP after that as a comparison.



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