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Footprint AD8421-KGD

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8421-KGD


I would like to know tlo find the footprint for the AD8421-KGD. After searching I only find : 


There is no AD8421-KGD but I don't know if I don't know if this is important for the design of the card under Altium ?

Thank you for your answer


PS : I have this DS (but I don't know if the ref of the component AD8421 is correct ?)


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  • Hi 206_RC,

    AD8421-KGD is only a die product. It doesn't come with a specific package (like SOIC package). 

    If you need an SOIC package for your design, I suggest you look at AD8421. The noise spec is the same with AD8421-KGD, and AD8421's offset specs are better.

    I'm curious, could you share how did you select AD8421-KGD in the first place?