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pin control for EVAL-ADA4255

Category: Hardware
Product Number: 2021042305869
Software Version: 1.26.3240.1417

To Analog Devices, Inc.

I am using ADA4255CP-EBZ(SN:2021042305881)and EVAL-SDP-CS1Z(SN:2021032503246)with nice controlabilty.

I confirmed it to work normally for gain control.
Next, I like to control the gain through ACE function based on “win32api” developed by the Visual Studio Community 2022 with C++ excluding “.NET etc”.

I am very glad of me to get the sample program based on “win32api” and/or C++ instead of Python.

Away from software control, I like to control the gain through pin-header (GPIO0~GPIO7).
Please reply me how to apply the control voltage to each pin-electrode without EVAL-SDP-CS1Z(SN:2021032503246).

I hope you to understand my poor English requests.

Thank you.