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Is the output of AD8293G80B/G160B internal buffered?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8293G80B
Software Version: n/a

Are the outputs (OUT and ADC_OUT) of AD8293G80B/G160B internally buffered? In other words, can I connect either output directly to my ADC input or do I still need external buffer between my amplifier and ADC to lower the input impedance?

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  • Hi adcl,

    Generally speaking, inamps have low-impedance output. However, in this case, ADC OUT (pin 4) has a 5kohm internal resistance used to simplify anti-aliasing filter. If you are going to use the ADC OUT, you may need to check the allowable RC of the ADC that you will be using.

    Another option for you is to use the OUT (pin 6) if you need a low-impedance connection for the input of the ADC.

    Also, you may want to check the ADC that you will be using. There are some ADCs that has internal buffer at the input.

    Best regards,