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How does the AD8422 calculate the output voltage correctly?

Sorry I'm using an instrumentation amplifier for the first time and I'm a novice
I have two sensors and the output voltage is both referenced to 0.9V. The two sensor signals differ by 180 degrees. My signal is between (0.9V+0.4V=1.3v) to (0.9V-0.4V=0.5V).
Gain is set to 2 gain
Set REF to 2.5V
Vin-=gnd (single power supply)
According to the calculation, the final differentially amplified voltage should be [(+-0.4V*2)+2.5]=+3.3V to +1.7V.
Why are the results I simulated using the simulator different?
And LTspice's analog waveform is severely distorted.
The Instrumentation Amplifier Diamond Plot Tool also says there is an error.
Is it because a negative voltage must be supplied to Vin-?

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