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LT6370 Right Leg Drive


is the LT6370 suitable for providing a signal to a right leg drive circuit by splitting its RG into 2 resistors and using the signal at the center tap for the RLD circuit?


  • Hi Kitong,

    LT6370 is suitable for the Right Leg Drive (RLD) circuit that you're asking about. LT1168 datasheet (Figure 8) shows a dual supply implementation. LT6370 can be similarly used.

    The part I'm not sure about is that you're doing a single-supply implementation and the RLD electrode will be at 2.5V DC. I don't know if medical instrumentations allow a DC supply voltage to be applied to the body or not?



  • Thank you Hooman, that's good to know. To your question: In medical instrumentation it is necessary to isolate the application parts to earth ground. In doing so no risk occurs by using single supply

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