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AD8232, ESP32 and Android Studio

I am doing research on ECG Signal Analysis and the ECG signal will receive at my android application by using AD8232 and ESP32 (ESP32-WROOM-32). I set up ESP32 and AD8232 to acquire ECG signal and transmit via Bluetooth Low Energy Module and my android application will receive that ECG signal by using Bluetooth low energy.

The problem is the ECG signal I received as above mention steps include a lot of null values and also most ECG values are missing (Missing means I didn't even received that values as null. I found out by checking the signal received at my android application and the serial monitor of Arduino software).

The questions are:

1. Do I need Arduino Uno board in the hardware setup?

2. What is the sampling rate to set up in my case (sampling rate of ESP32 or sampling rate of AD8232)?

3. What could be the possible issues of my problem?

I am totally new in sensors and IoT things. Kindly point me out the possible issues and solutions for my problem.

Thank you.