Customized SPICE Model for AD8421BRZ

HI Sijo,

I got SPICE Model for AD8421(AD8421.cir) from AD website.

But this AD8421.cir model has different VOSI & VOSO values, it is not matching with AD8421BRZ(VOSI=25uV & VOSO=250uV) parameters as per datasheet. 

Could you please provide customized SPICE model for AD8421BRZ, it should include all the parameters(VOSI, VOSO,  etc..) as per the AD8421BRZ datasheet values.

It is urgent requirement, please provide ASAP.


Tatarao K


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  • HI Emman, 

    Thanks for reply.   

    I am doing 2Lyaer PCB layout for this part, Top layer signal and bottom GND.                                                 Should i remove GND plane under the AD8421BRZ device pins as shown below figure?.