AD8220 Vref

Hello fellow engineers and enthusiasts,

I've been using this instrumentation amplifiers for a few months now, and I absolutely love it for its robustness and pricing. I'm about to do a design that will need to adjust the offset, and the AD8220 offers this feature using its Vref pin. I've read through the datasheet many times on parts that talk about Vref, but Vref is always a positive Voltage. So my question is that may I apply a negative voltage to the Vref pin? What might be the consequences if I do so? To be honest, I'm not even sure how the Vref pin works. I think it's Vo = A*Vin + Vref because Vo=A*(Vin+Vref) doesn't make much sense. Anyway, if someone else is more familiar with this IA, please help. I've attached the datasheet of the IA.

Thanks for reading!

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