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single ended configuration

Hi Gustavo,

I have a board that uses AMP-01 in differential configuraton. But, right now I need to use the same board (with minor modification) for amplifying an AC coupled accelerometer , ACH-01 ( which is a single ended input to the AMP-01.

  I tried the suggested circuit as on page 19 of AMP01 datasheet, but it didn't work.
How can  configure the AMP01 to be just a regular op-amp with a gain of 1 or 2 ?

Thank you

Siau Hwa

  • Hello Siau Hwa,

    Is the original configuration using dual supplies? I'm going to make a number of assumptions here, but If you are trying to make a minor modification to your board, I would suggest that you just try the differential configuration, grounding one of the inputs. If your gain isn't already the value you desire, you'll just need to adjust RG (I'm assuming RS is already 10k, which is the value recommended in the data sheet).

    If you don't mind sharing more details of your original circuit (such as posting a schematic) I can verify if some of those assumptions are correct.



  • Hi Gustavo,

    Yes, it works with one input grounded.  It wasn't working because I forget to put a bias resistor for the sensor itself.

    Thank you for your help.


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