AD8494ARMZ and AD8494CRMZ


I am trying to design a circuit for TC measurements and I want to use AD8494. When I go to the order pages I saw options of ARMZ and CRMZ. I am not very keen on electronics, can you please explain me what difference there is?

"Branding" or "Y36, Y38" did not mean a lot to me.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 12, 2013 2:51 AM

    Hi isilvki,

    A and C are grades of the AD8494. The C grade is generally tested with tighter specifications compared to the A grade. In the case of the AD8494, if you look at the specification table on page 3, the C grade has better overall temperature accuracy (ex. Initial accuracy is 1 degCelsius for C grade compared to 3 degCelsius for A grade). It also has lower input offset current compared to the A grade.

    The branding is just a means for you to identify the part. Y36 on the top of the chip means that the part is an A grade, while Y37 means that it is C grade.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else.