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Using AD8293G80 for pressure sensor reading amplification


I'm trying to use AD8293G80 to convert pressure sensor's differential voltage output to be used with microcontroller ADC.

I'm using MPX2202 series pressure sensor:

Supplying both pressure sensor and AD8293G80 with GND & +5V, I have ~2.5V at sensor's output. With difference measuring just a few millivolts (0.1mV/kPa). I need to take this differential, substract 2.5, and amplify it to 0-5V scale for interfacing with ADC. I've hooked up amplifier as per datasheet, but always getting +5v on ADC output pin. I tried leaving REF pin disconnected, or connected to 2.5V (using resistor voltage divider), still same result. When REF connected to GND - I'm getting 0V at output, regardless of pressure.

I've also posted here: for some more context.

Any suggestions as to what I'm not doing right here? Or is it wrong amplifier for my purpose altogether?

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