Unity buffer low noise. Sub 1 kHz

Can you assist with emulation or calculator software references for the above design

I have the quad pack chip AD 6828

I will adjust CMRR in the lab as component excursions

The low offset current and voltage corrections need to Bec solved simultaneously and the pin connects to replace the null offset pins on general purpose of amps  means I need a circuit component calculator that understands a model where it all hangs off the I o pins.  Can you advise on a circuit value calculator to determine all component values for a specified offset current and voltage. An a positive and negative pair of LDO VOLTAGE REFS.

The layout on a board is the next challenge any notes or text references to where and how short leads on components should be would be appreciated

Then what pots and trim caps can be added and where to compensate for thermocouple effects of leads solder and track copper

And finally what test circuit board and gain I should use to get a precise offset voltage and current offset to match my quad pack chip

Then again is there an evaluation voltage follower board to do it all for me and all I do is plug in the test values for a specific low noise quad op amp

Over to you

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