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Absolute max supply voltage rating AD623


I'm working with the AD623 and powering it from 12V, which is the top of the power supply operating range (2.7 - 12V). However the absolute maximum supply voltage rating is ±6V (or 12V) so there is no margin between the two.

I'm assuming it's safe to operate the amp at the top of the "operating range". Why wouldn't there be a margin?

The AD8223 is rated the same way. Absolute max is the top of the operating range.

Is there a reason to spec parts this way?

  • Eric,

      I was in the precision op amp group four years ago, and not the InAmp group, but I think I can shed some light

    on this.  For the plain vanilla bipolar process, you will see op amps spec'ed at +/-15V, (30V across the part) with a 36V abs max.  So the question is, what happens between 30 and 36V?  The part doesn't die, it still operates,

    but some parameters may move from what is guaranteed at 30V.  So in the old days, we would put

    "operating range    6 to 36V" or 9 to 36V or whatever the low side was.   Corporate Q&R said we can't do

    that, that it encourages the customers to operate with no margin, so quite a few data sheets were changed.

    Looks like they missed some.  Similar comments would apply to a 12V process.

    The AD623 came out in 1997;  so depending on your supply voltage, gain required, bw, etc., I would

    look at some newer InAmps, such as the AD8422, AD8237, AD8227, or AD8226.


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