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Reducing RFI on AD8223

I am using the AD8223 to amplify a low voltage signal (ranges from 0-30 mV) by a factor of 100, up to 0-3V output.  Reading the datasheet, on page 15, it shows how to set up a low-pass RC network to filter RFI.  I don't know what the frequency of any RF noise in my system will be, but the PC board sits right next to a large set of inductors.

My first question is, for the extremely small voltages that I am reading, will using the exact values of resistors and capacitors named in Figure 34 affect my reading?  Should I use those values?

Also, I see that they have a 0.1uF capacitor on the + and - side of the supply, and then a dotted line to a 10 uF capacitor.  What is this for?  Is this recommended regardless of using the RF filter?  And also, the 10 uF symbol has one curved line, is that a special kind of capacitor?


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